Vanessa Hudgens’ New Set Of Topless Pics Leaked

Banned CelebsBanned Celebs

High School Musical babe Vanessa Hudgens first made some impact when a topless picture of her leaked on the internet. We thought we’ve seen the last of it, but check these out. She’s got some more of her breast-exposed pictures that were leaked out! Get the skinny and all of this sweet young celeb’s topless pics right only here on Banned Celebs, the only one-stop site for exposed celebrity sextapes and real nude celebrity pictures. Vanessa Hudgens may have mishandled these pictures, but we’re really meant to enjoy her yummy underwear shots and her topless sexy body. And we mean, she have leaked plenty of her nude pictures. See the complete set inside!

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Natalie Portman Basking Her Funbags Under The Sun

natalie portman sunbathing topless Natalie Portman Basking Her Funbags Under The Sun

Woohoo! That’s THE Natalie Portman, having some good time sunbathing, with her perky tits out in the open. We don’t usually see Natalie Portman all topless off-screen, now’s your time to check out that amazing Natalie Portman topless body. Good thing she knew how to sunbathe well and didn’t hesitate to bask her medium-scale boobies under the sun, all for our most clear view. Haunting for celebrity topless pictures, especially from the Hollywood celebrities you never expect, doesn’t come as easy as this. Credits go of course to Ms. Portman and her well-sunlit pair of perky boobies.

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Christina Aguilera Getting Her Funbags Soaked

christina aguilera topless in water 1024x839 Christina Aguilera Getting Her Funbags Soaked

Just one hearing and you know if it’s Christina Aguilera. Even if at one point she was in a tug-of-war with Britney Spears, she went on and got big. Whatever happened to Britney, anyway. And guess what, we never thought she could also have her share of being topless. It won’t be that rare for long. Check out Christina Aguilera here as she gets topless in water. Oh just look how perfect her wet pair of racks is, all soaked up and all exposed through that silky ultra-thin top. If those delicate tits were soaked, then we wonder how wet her pussy was down there.

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